The menu

Discover our French-Belgian cuisine

Proposed by us

Lunch of the day

Every midday during the week at 14,75€

Starters and classic dishes from the house

'T Mis favourites

Cold starters
Ham mousse flavoured with port wine11,75€
Prawn-filled tomato (hand peeled) – 1 tomato16,75€
Prawn-filled tomato (hand peeled) – 2 tomatoes28,50€
Beef carpaccio with basil and parmesan shavings15,75€
Pata Negra ham19,75€
Hot starters
Crispy scampi with sauce Gribiche17,95€
Garlic scampi cassolette17,95€
Mis-style scampi cassolette17,95€
Prawn croquettes16,50€
Deep-fried cheese12,00€
Steak Tartare
Steak Tartare (freshly ground)19,75€
Classic Steak Tartare19,75€
“Christopher Columbus” (trio of Steak Tartare)21,50€
Meat dishese
“Mignon” steak – 220 g21,00€
“Medium” steak – 320 g26,00€
“Mignon” tenderloin – 200 g29,00€
“Medium” tenderloin – 280 g35,00€
“Maxi” tenderloin (Chateaubriand, serves two) – 500 g65,00€
Scottish prime t-bone steak (serves one) – 500 g32,00€
Scottish prime rib steak – 300 g28,75€
Beef skewer21,00€
Fondue Bourguignonne (serves at least two) – All you can eat44,00€
Béarnaise, Choron, Archiduc, Roquefort, Green Pepper, Dijon, ‘T Mis4,00€
Side dishes 
Tomato salad, green salad, mixed salad6,00€
Selection of seasonal vegetables8,00€
Braised endives8,00€
Pasta dishes 
Spaghetti Bolognaise12,00€
Lasagna Bolognese and ham on the bone14,75€
Scampi pasta17,50€
Family favourites 
Today’s stoemp (mashed vegetables) and local sausage14.75€
Meatballs in tomato sauce14.75€
Meatloaf with endives14.75€
Carbonnades Flamandes (beef stew)19.75€
Half a roast chicken with salad14.75€
Traditional veal blanquette24.75€
Kids’ set meal 
Small portion of spaghetti Bolognese, steak or meatballs in tomato sauce
Chocolate mousse or ice cream

Free set meal for kids under the age of 12 (one set meal per table)
'T Misverstand tasting menus

Chef's suggestions

Duo of tuna and salmon sashimi21,50€
Salmon tartare17,50€
Avocado tartare with North Sea prawns18,75€
Spring roll pork11,75€
Scallop with lime19,75€
Calf’s brains cold or hot with tartar sauce16,75€
Snails with garlic butter14,75€
Grilled salmon bearnaise and gray shrimp19,75€
Sea bass à l’ostendaise24,75€
Bluefin tuna with wok vegetables28,75€
Sole with chicory salad 400grdaily price
Simmered sweetbread well served34,75€
Steak Tartare29,00€
Scottish prime rib 2 pers sauce of your choice70,00€
'T Misverstand tasting menus

Gourmet menu

3 courses for 29,50€

Beef carpaccio
Mechlin cuckoo croquette
Escargots with garlic butter
Gratin of scallops à la forestière

John Dory fish fillet
Grilled beef skewer with béate sauce
Crispy chicken fillet with rice
Veal kidneys with Meaux mustard

Waffle from Brussels
Lemon meringue pie



Brussels waffle8,00€
Brussels waffle with whipped cream9,00€
Italian tiramisu8,00€
Tiramisu with speculoos8,00€
Authentic crème brûlée8,00€
Cascade of red berries with a scoop of crème brûlée ice cream12,50€
Your choice of strawberries (Melba, whipped cream, lemon, honey)12,00€
“Colonel” lemon sorbet12,00€
Amarena ice cream11,00€
Iced coffee10,00€
Tarte Tatin with a scoop of vanilla ice cream12,00€
Dame blanche or noire (vanilla or chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream)10,00€
Trio of chocolate mousse10,00€
Sophie’s molten chocolate cake12,00€
Profiteroles with cream and ice cream10,00€
Irish coffee12,00€
French coffee12,00€
Fresh tropical pineapple11,00€
Cheese selection12,00€
the drinks


Red/white/rosé martini6,50€
Red/white Porto6,50€
White / rosé Pineau des Charentes6,50€
Campari (mixer €1.50)7,50€
Picon (mixer €1.50)7,50€
Pisang (mixer €1.50)7,50€
Safari (mixer €1.50)7,50€
J&B – Bacardi – Havana – Ricard8,00€
Johnnie Walker Red Label8,00€
Johnnie Walker Black Label10,00€
Jack Daniel’s10,00€
Monkey 47 gin13,00€
Hendrick’s gin13,00€
Bulldog gin13,00€
Fever Tree tonic water mixer3,00€
House aperitif8,00€
Glass of Champagne10,00€
Kirr Royal11,00€
White / red / rosé wine (glass)4,50€
White / red / rosé Pot Lyonnais (50 cl)14,00€
Draft Jupiler4,00€
Hoegaarden white beer5,00€
Chimay Bleu5,00€
Kriek Lindemans5,00€
Diet Coke4,00€
Schweppes tonic water / Soda4,00€
Tomato juice / Apple juice5,00€
Freshly squeezed orange juice7,00€
½ l still / sparkling water4,00€
1 l still / sparkling water8,00€
Decaf espresso4,00€
Herbal teas4,00€
Déca Cappuccino5,00€
Fresh mint tea4,00€

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