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Set meals

'T Misverstand tasting menus

€13.75 set lunches are available Monday to Friday



Brasserie set meal, with your choice of three courses                                                              29,50

Classic salmon tartare with a modern twist

Homemade smoked salmon with toast
Beef carpaccio with basil and parmesan shavings
Layered avocado with crayfish
Pot of shelled mussels in a mild curry sauce
1/2 dozen escargots au gratin
Pork spring rolls
Prawn croquette with bisque sauce and fried parsley
Grilled salmon loin with spicy béarnaise sauce and baked potato
Roasted cod loin with greens and crushed potatoes
Veal kidneys with mustard and shallots
Beef skewer with Madagascan peppers
Free-range chicken breast with creamy button mushrooms
Caesar steak cooked rare (beef tartare and raw egg)
Small dame blanche
Limoncello tiramisu
Belgian-style waffle
Double chocolate verrine
Small strawberry melba

Cooking is an art and patience a virtue.